Thursday, November 13, 2008

The power of suggestion

OK, I'm curious. How did the tagging affect everyone? . . . . . . or did it?
I've received many emails along the same line, only with most requiring short one or two word answers. I think I may have followed up on one or two of them. This one was so much better! It gave us a chance to share a bit of who we are, giving a bigger picture than one or two words ever could.
I loved reading them all! Not only did I find out things about each other that I would never have known otherwise, but I also found out just how much alike so many of us are.
Another thing I found out is how strong the power of suggestion is. As I noted in my tag comments, I'm not a big sweet eater. HOWEVER, after reading about chocolate and ice cream and pastries and coffee, I began to get cravings.
First, I saw a sale on ice cream - my favorite flavors, no less! I ended up with four 1/2 gallon cartons. Spumoni, Pumpkin Pie, Egg Nog and Peppermint. Actually, the Peppermint is for my
daughter. I really don't like that one. But at $3 per carton, I couldn't pass them up.
Then, the following day I was at another store and walked past the day old bakery goodies. I stopped. I looked. I bought. Yummy raspberry twirls. Just like a cinnamon roll, except has rasbperry filling instead of cinnamon & sugar. The first pastry I've bought in I don't know how long.

As I was leaving the store, I saw a new self serve Seattles Best stand. I just HAD to check it out. Wouldn't you know, it had Chai latte's. I whipped up a nice chai latte (non-fat, just to make up for everything else), and went on my way.

All things considered, I think I did pretty good. I didn't get any chocholate!!

So, was anyone else affected like this after writing and reading their tags?


meb said...

Elaine...Too funny that you were out there buying all that "stuff" after reading everyone's tag comments. Well, all I can say, is don't blame me... I'm not a sweet eater, so I didn't encourage you at all. LOL

And I have to say I wouldn't have had the desire to go out and buy new furniture or to workout or any of that kind of stuff.

So the power of suggestion would obviously be for sweets and it didn't phase me the way it did you.

Hey... Enjoy!!! That's what they're for. And then go get some real nutritional food!

meb said...

Hey Elaine, I've been going down everybody's blogs this morning, reading comments that I hadn't seen yet, and noticed that you had commented about being a young military wife. So was I, married to the Air Force. We lived off base, so didn't really get too involved with the activities of the base.

My question is: Do you watch Army Wives? I love the show and think it's probably a little like what might have been had we lived on base.

I have to say tho that the benefits were exceptional. Especially the health care. My daughter was born in the Airbase Hospital. Later, when she was about 2 years old, she was attacked by a dog who punctured her eye with his bottom teeth as he slit her head with his fangs. I sped her to the hospital and they immediately took care of her superficial wounds but then we were sent to the Philadelphia Naval Hospital where she underwent surgery for her eye (over 2 hours).

The dog had severed her tear duct, missing her pupil. It was so swollen that they couldn't find one end of the tear duct, so they sewed it in where they thought it should be. She got to come home after a few days...her eye teared for about a year after that... since then she has no noticeable scar and has 20-20 vision. AMAZING huh?

I just realized that every time I read one person's account of something I end up telling a story about me. Is that a sign of being self absorbed. Hmmmmmmm...

Laurie said...

Meb, I don't think it's being self-absorbed. More like interesting and able to relate to each other.

I was a military wife for the 4 years my husband was in the Navy. We had our first daughter at a military hospital. It was cheap but it was rough being there. Very old fashioned and we only saw our babies at feeding time. We didn't live on base but we did live close and shopped at the commisary and saw movies there. We did watch Army Wives the first season but then stopped. Can't remember why!

Sydney said...

Meb, I second what Laurie said about telling your stories.

I am laughing that you got cravings after writing about it. Food always works that way for me!

sizzie said...

Well, I hadn't had any of those cravings until you mentioned I am going to spend the day looking for one of the scrumptious things on your list! The power of suggestion!

Sydney said...

Great topic PDX. LIke you I have been too busy to read everyone's blogs so I have been trying in the little bits of down time over the holidays to go back and read through one person's posts, then another when I can.

I loved hearing more about everyone that we have become so close with. We know each other well but then you realize, for all our off topic talk, there is so much we don't know. These blogs are providing that place, especially since we can see pictures and comment back to each other's comments... and the tags, besides being fun, take it that much further.

I'll look forward to your tag from MEB but like she said, whenever you can get around to it. That timing doesn't matter.